“In the past year’s the music game has change a lot, a total 360, it is now a requirement to have the  swag,  the personality, and the just keeping it real persona which is the most important factor.  Miami, Fl own Dj. Black Holiday is the most highly anticipated Dj currently making a name for himself in Miami’s music history.  Coming from the toughest streets of Miami, Lil Haiti, Dj. Black Holiday Knew that he had to make a impact in his life to change the way he sees things and had to do something positive within his life.

Dj. Black Holiday is an alumnus of two great Florida Schools Miami Edison Senior High and University of Florida.  Being a laid back teen as he has been thru out

his life, he always had the passion to be a part of the music world.  In 2006, after leaving Gainesville, FL, Dj. Black Holiday got on his grind and figured that he will give Djing a chance.  Learning from Miami’s Great Such as DJ.Big Will, Jam Squad’s own Sam Sneak and Poe Boy’s/99 Jamz Dj. Nasty he understood their passion and has made it his mission to be great likes his peers. Dj. Black Holiday is an open format Dj that can get any party popping at any time regardless of the genre and/or crowd. The missions for Dj. Black Holiday is breaking situations not just breaking records as well

as him knowing that his hard work for artist won’t be in vain.  Currently, in the young dj’s career he has gain heavy acknowledgments from indie labels and dj coalitions such as Keep It 100 Records and Jam Squad Dj’S.

Now currently Dj. Black Holiday is spinning at Miami’s Gentlemen Club Take 1 and the largest Underground station TheStreetsFm.com (89.1 FM).  DJ Black Holiday is looking to make some major moves in his djing career and is getting ready to release his series of “The Black Holiday Experience” coming to the  street’s and Virtual world soon.”